Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dandelion Pancakes Take Two

If any of you out there are paying ridiculously close attention to this blog, you will know that I already wrote a post about dandelion pancakes. In fact, I wrote it almost exactly a year ago. The take away: During dandelion season, I truly cannot think of anything better to prepare than dandelion pancakes.

However, the fact that I like something a lot really isn't enough of a reason to write two blog posts on the same topic. If it were, you would be reading a lot more posts from me about scrambled eggs.

This post is about BETTER dandelion pancakes. I am even going to call these Magic Dandelion Pancakes, though I am generally loathe to give my recipes such dorky names.

Here is why they are magic:

First, they make lunch break significantly more
exciting for everyone involved.

They require only three ingredients! Three.
(Thank you Jody for the original recipe - which has only two ingredients.)

Anyone who has ever cooked anything in a frying pan
is capable of making them.

Seda, upon tasting them, said "Mmm, these are delicious. Thank
you Mom for making this yummy food." She is going through a very
formal stage right now.

And the three ingredients are...drum roll...

Magic Dandelion Pancakes

Eggs, one for every banana you use
Dandelions - petals only, no green parts

Mash the bananas, use at least one for each person that is eating. A potato masher makes quick work of a bowl full of bananas, but a fork will do. Stir in the eggs and the dandelion petals (I used about a cup and a half of petals for the four banana recipe pictured - just stop when you get tired of plucking petals) until everything is well combined.

Cook them over medium heat in a little butter, or whatever your preferred cooking oil is. They cook just like any pancake, except they don't make bubbles to tell you they're ready to flip (no leavening agents) and they take just slightly longer to cook through.

The final texture is not exactly like a traditional pancake, but surprisingly cake-like nonetheless. I was totally shocked when my sister-in-law first made them (minus the dandelion) that they didn't have any kind of added flour at all. Also, they taste like bananas. Which is awesome.