Monday, September 19, 2011

The Frost

We had our first frost the night of September 15th this year. Right on schedule.

We had much to do to prepare for it.

First we harvested and harvested everything we didn't want to freeze out. Including watermelons :) which are going out as bonus items in the shares. Winter squash will start going out in week 15, after they have had the chance to properly cure and sweeten up. Gourds will go out in October.

Then we covered the tender crops with Agribon, the same material we use to cover brassicas for flea beetle control. Note Seda's snow pants. It was really cold that evening.

We made sure they were tucked in good.

Then we crossed our fingers. The next morning came with many survivors. Everything we covered made it. The uncovered tender crops didn't completely die, but they didn't look so good come morning.

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