Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2012 is Almost Here.

Scott and I frequently talk about next year's growing season.

As in "Next year we should build a big trellis that we can grow mouse melons and hardy kiwi on." or "Next year we will definitely remember every member's name." or "Next year we will be much more organized about the garden rotation."

In other words, next year is sure to be perfect. That's why it's always a tiny shock for me when, right in the middle of our down time, it actually turns into next year.

In just a few weeks the 2012 CSA season won't be next season, it will be this season.

Which means it's time to get back to work!

This time of year work means reading seed catalogs and signing up CSA members, which is what this particular post is all about.

We are welcoming back returning members as well as taking on several new members for the 2012 season. Our hope is to reach a membership of 60 full shares in 2012, which means we have room for lot's of folks.

Membership is the same price as last year. $300 for the full share and $165 for a half share. The pick-up schedule will be the following:

Ironwood - Wednesdays 10 to 6 at the Northwind Natural Foods Co-op
Hancock - Wednesdays 10 to 1 at the Tori Market
Ontonagon - Wednesdays 3 to 6 at the Superior Farm Market
Lake Linden - Saturdays 10 to 2 at the Lake Linden Farmers Market
L'Anse - Saturdays 3 to close at Java by the Bay

We are also looking for two work share members to help us out with harvest on Tuesdays and Fridays. We need four hours of labor on just one of those days from each work share member. In return, the work share members will receive full CSA shares free of charge.

Finally, we are planning many more work days for the 2012 season than we've had in seasons past. For example, unless the weather is extremely uncooperative, every Saturday in May and early June will be a work day in the 2012 season. Members will have the chance to start seeds, transplant starts, get to know each other, and just generally get their hands dirty. It should be pretty awesome.

This is what a CSA work day looks like. Our favorite kind of fun :)
So, we're going to get bigger, change the schedule, take on our first work share members, and host members more next season. That's sure to go perfectly, right? I guess Scott and I can start talking about the perfect season we're going to have in 2013.

If you are interested in membership please email us at wintergreenfarm at live dot com.

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