Friday, July 12, 2013

Harvest Days

I realized recently that I don't share many images from harvest with you.

Spring, when we are prepping and planting in the fields and maintaining the greenhouse, is relatively leisurely. When something catches my eye I can run and get the camera. But summer, when we're harvesting, is a different story.

Harvest days are long, busy, and a little exhausting. There is a deadline, and a desire to fit in some sleep before it's time to go to the market/CSA distribution. So I don't usually take a lot of pictures.

However, I decided to change that. So I lugged my camera around with me on harvest days these last two weeks. Here are the results.

Scott among the braising mix greens.

Washing and mixing braising mix in the washing station. We also have two
laundry sinks and a variety of "trugs". Some are made from pickle barrels :)

My new industrial salad spinner! So much better than a
five gallon bucket with holes drilled in it.

Last Tuesday's misty morning was perfect lettuce harvesting weather.

Also perfect for this.

This time of year the beets come from the (very weedy) hoophouse,
so we harvest it early, before the sun gets too high.

We soak everything to cool it and get most of the dirt off. Damp sheets protect
produce from the sun (when I don't take it off to take a picture).

After soaking, the beets look like this.

Early kohlrabi comes from the hoophouse too, though we started to
harvest the field kohlrabi today.

Hoophouse carrots, funny looking - but delicious.

I noticed this going on at the washing station the other day.

It's a family affair. Though sometimes Seda harvests things
a little differently than Scott and I do. (Lake Linden members
may notice a few extra tiny leaves in their kale bunches
 this week...)

We haul vegetables around with the tractor.

I like a ride now and then too.

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